Do and Don't

  • You need to disclose to the Hungarian customs authorities upon entry and exit of Hungary the amount of money or jewelry, which is equivalent to 10 thousand euros and more (this includes European Union countries for visit of any purpose, whether tourism, medication, study or other).
  • Keep bank receipts and invoices for the items purchased from Hungary (it is possible to refund paid taxes at border points when you leave the Schengen area).
  • Hungarian Customs will confiscate food which exceeds the reasonable amount of personal use.
  • Carrying or entering weapons is prohibited, including hunting weapons except with the prior license from the competent authorities.
  • Do not pawn your passport or ID card to anyone at any case.
  • Do not allow the security services in the host country to search your accommodation without a search warrant from the competent authority.
  • When buying or renting any property, you must make sure, from the competent authorities, of the existence of a sound real estate property record with no conflict, and that should be handled through a well-known real estate consultant office.