Hungary is a destination for tourists who are looking to see the effects of past civilizations and their magnificent trails of Arts, engineering and architectural monuments in various cities and towns, which are rich in cultural and modern artistic heritage. Tourists who are planning to visit Hungary should start by visiting the capital Budapest, is visited by around 30 million tourists each year, particularly those  who value beauty of nature and the quiet life. The Danube River is located in the center of Budapest which is the largest city in the country. It is  a political, economic and industrial center and can be easily accessed by tourists through various ways of transportation due to its location in the heart of Europe and its shared borders with seven countries. Budapest has a population of around million people. It  constitutes fifth of the population of the country.  The city is divided into two parts: Buda and pest separated by the Danube river, and linked together through nine bridges, of the oldest and most important of these bridges  is the  "chain" bridge, which lends the city a special charm.  

Travel Tips 

  • Hungary prevents bringing meat and dairy products to the country.
  • Hungary prevents bringing large amounts of cigarettes to the country.
  • All amounts over 10,000 US dollars must be declared at border points of entry.
  • Permits are required to work or trade in Hungary.
  • To stay in the country you are required to have a permit or visa.
  • Human trafficking and drug trafficking is against the law.
  • For your security and safety, you must avoid suspicious places, and beware when dealing with strangers or unknown companies.

 Hotels and Accommodation
There are many five-star hotels in Budapest, including the Marriott, the Four Seasons and the Intercontinental overlooking the Danube River and near the famous tourist street Vace [Váci] pedestrian area, as well as hotels such as Koriente, kempinski and Meridian, which are located in the city center.

Recreational places:

Hungary is a wonderful country, full of cultural institutions and areas with charming natural beauty. Budapest is one of the finest capitals of the world and a top destination for culture-lovers. Al Balaton lake (major freshwater lake in Europe) is an appropriate place for  outdoor activities. Besides  the lake, there are many natural  reserves across the country. There are many resorts with warm water.  The country is  famous for its multitude of  spring waters used for physiotherapy such as Havez [Hévíz]

Tourists attractions in and near to Budapest:

  • Pedestrian street Váci utca.
  • Mount and Statue of Liberty [Gellért Hegy]
  • The castle [Budai vár]
  • Heroes Square [Hősök tere]
  • New York cafe [Boscolo Budapest Hotel]
  • Andrássy famous street linked with “Liszt Ferenc Tér” Square with its famous restaurants and cafes.
  • Tourist city Santandra [Szentendre] on the banks of the Danube River and 25 km from Budapest.
  • Vischgrad City [Visegrád] and its famous castle which is just 40 km from the capital.
  • City Astrgom [Esztergom], on the borders of Slovakia and 40 km from Budapest.
  • Eger City : 140 km away from the capital.


  • “Forint” is the official currency in Hungary, other currencies such as Dollar and Euro can be exchanged in banks and official currency exchange centers.
  • 1 QR equals 60 Hungarian Forint.
  • Banknotes (paper money) are in the amounts of (20000- 10000- 5000- 2000- 1000- 500).
  • Credit cards can be used to pay for purchases or at restaurants, and it is possible to withdraw cash amounts from ATMs.
  • It is recommended to carry small amounts in Dollar or Euro, but not large amounts to avoid theft or loss.

Shopping Malls

  • Aréna.
  • Allé.
  •  Mammut.
  • Duna Plaza.
  • Mom Park.
  • Tesco.
  • Auchan.
  • Spar.
  • cora.