Ambassador's Speech on the Occasion of the National Day of the State of Qatar – 2020

Your Excellencies, Hungarian government officials.

Your Excellencies, fellow ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in Hungary.

Hungarian, Arab and foreign friends residing in this friendly country,

Ladies and gentlemen.

On December 18th, Qatar celebrates its national day, on which the pillars of the modern State of Qatar have been established since 1878. Unfortunately, the occasion comes during a Covid-19 pandemic that has spread all over the world and caused the suspension of many long-awaited activities and events to meet our friends. The new compelling circumstances have prevented us from seeing them as usual to greet and converse and exchange views and memories and other topics that bind people together.

This year, we offer our apologies for calling off our annual ceremony, which we used to hold in an atmosphere of affection and intimacy with our Hungarian friends and Arab and foreign diplomats. We hope to meet next year when life is back to normal and a vaccine or cure has been found for this virus, which has forced us to change our habits and kept us from communicating directly with our friends, loved ones and colleagues. We pray to God to have mercy on the deceased and heal the sick of this epidemic, hoping that stability and development will return to all the countries of the world.

Attached below a link to an introductory film about Qatar in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. You are cordially invited to watch it to get to know Qatar all the more so, hoping it will serve as a motivation to visit this country that opens its arms to all people and from everywhere to see it in reality.

In conclusion, I extend to all my brothers, friends and colleagues on this occasion and the upcoming New Year my sincere greetings and best wishes for good health and well-being and for their countries to prosper and thrive.


Sincerely yours


Budapest, 18 December 2020

Mohammed bin Hamad Al Khalifa